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PTT Corp’s main business is materials supply — ranging from gaskets to the smallest of bolts and nuts, another division is of manpower supply – professional manpower, skilled technicians, firefighters and etc to the oil and gas, petrochem and other related industries. We also manufacture our own gaskets here in Bintulu, Sarawak.



Metallic gaskets for various applications and sizes, tailor made to your specifications and needs, under the brand name togap® gaskets.

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Gasket Sheets

We stock gasket sheets ranging from CNAF, Teflon® and etc. Provide us the dimensions, diagrams and leave the cutting to us.

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Valves and Level Gauges

We supply quality, forged valves from reputable and well respected companies such as Bonetti and OHL Gutermuth.

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From cleaning chemicals to chemicals relevant to the processes of industries, we will deliver and provide the best.

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Manpower Supply

We employ the best and work with the best, we recruit and supply competent firefighters, fitters, technicians, engineers and etc.

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With advanced cutting machine and flatbed cutting machine capable of cutting metal sheets, soft gaskets with precision and accuracy

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